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Solution Case Studies

We work hard to find solutions to the toughest design issues.  Our goal is to help you improve manufacturing processes, add value to products, and reduce costs.  We have a proven track record in solving challenges presented by today’s highly technical products.  Read about some of the solutions we have provided below.



The HEV Battery System in this story required a tightly sealed enclosure that resisted vibration and protected the interior contents of the battery.  Marian provided a group of high quality foam gaskets with an innovative design.  Read more…

Surface Protection Solution


Marian material experts suggest a low-tack protective adhesive versus a cling film to protect the plastic housing of this security system control module.  Read more…

Sealing Tape Solution


The manufacturer was looking for a solution to a leaking issue with the heating circuit in their automotive assembly.  Marian quickly sourced a cutting-edge material to fabricate a component that solved their issue.  Read more…

Gaskets for the Battery Market


A variety of foam gaskets are required to protect the air ports in battery assemblies.  With material expertise and diverse capabilities, Marian provides solutions to meet the requirements of this industry.  Read more…