Acoustic Mesh

In today’s consumer electronic devices, it is an important part of the product design to protect components from dust, water and other contaminants.  This is particularly imperative to audio, microphone and acoustic components that require protection while also allowing sound to pass clearly.  Acoustic Mesh is acoustically transparent while acting as a barrier to dust and water, protecting and extending the life of the device.  Marian converts a variety of Acoustic Mesh Materials for these applications.  Marian designs and manufactures multilayer gaskets containing acoustic mesh to meet the specific requirements of your application with consideration of placement method and final assembly.


  • Ear Piece Gasket
  • Microphone Gasket
  • Receiver Mesh
  • Cosmetic Mesh
  • Speaker Gasket


  • Tiny and complex designs at tight tolerances
  • Multiple materials stacked precisely for optimal performance
  • Precision die cutting and laminating
  • High volume manufacturing capacity

Material Stack-up for Speaker Gasket

Final Gaskets cut to the liner.  Gaskets are provided on rolls, ready for assembly.

Key Acoustic Mesh Suppliers