Filters, Venting + Fabric

Marian offers die cut mesh, fabric and porous plastic vents with zoned adhesive, used in numerous applications.  Fabric, filter and venting materials act as barriers to dust, dirt and moisture, protecting the components within a product while allowing air and sound to pass.  The innovative Porex Porous Venting material can be used to create a breathable seal that minimizes internal pressure and moisture condensation while eliminating the need for a physical vent in your application.

While die cutting, Marian often laminates these materials with pressure sensitive adhesive cut to a zone leaving the central portion of the filter or vent free to breathe.

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  • Speaker covers
  • Microphone covers
  • Headphones
  • Breathable seals for automotive and outdoor lighting
  • Automobile interior fabric


  • Flocking fabrics
  • Filter mesh
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • Porous plastics and fibers
  • Metalized fabrics
  • Felt

Key Filter, Venting and Fabric Suppliers