Die Cut Tapes + Adhesives

Marian offers a variety of die-cut tapes and adhesives.  The use of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes is growing rapidly in the industrial manufacturing market.  The advantages of using tapes are clear:  they are light weight, clean and safe.  Individual components can be bonded accurately and efficiently.

The experts at Marian will work closely with you to determine the best pressure sensitive adhesive tape for your application. With advanced laminating capabilities, Marian can also combine tapes with other thin flexible materials to meet the specific form and function of your application. Whether you need an optically clear adhesive for an electronic device, a silicone gel adhesive for a skin contact application,  a 3M™ double sided tape for your automotive assembly, or anything between, we will help you find the right material.  Our expertise in die cutting combined with our strong relationships with industry leading material suppliers like 3M, Tesa, Adchem, Polymer Science and Avery Dennison further set us apart as one of the best converters in the industry.

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  • Permanent bond
  • Temporary bond
  • Gap filler
  • Barrier
  • Sealing
  • Vibration absorption
  • Medical / skin contact
  • Conductive
  • Insulating
  • Optically clear
  • Light blocking
  • Surface protection
  • Paint masking
  • Packaging
  • Product enhancing

Acrylic Foam Tapes

3M™ VHB™
3M™ DC2008
3M™ DC2011
3M™ PT1100
3M™ EX4011

Transfer Tapes

3M™ 467
3M™ 927
Adchem 728

Double Coated Tapes

3M™ 9415
3M™ 9425
Tesa® 4959
Tesa® 4965
Tesa® 62855/56
Adchem 254

Re-Closable Fasteners

3M™ Dual Lock™
VELCRO® hook and loop

Key Adhesive + Tape Suppliers